Friday, June 30, 2006

Whine of the week

When did 'sweet chilli' become the default chilli sauce?

Did I miss the memo?

When I ask for chilli sauce I expect something with a bit of 'heat' in it. Instead I get some sweet stuff that apparently makes any meal a 'Thai' meal.

I shouldn't have to say "not sweet chilli" when I ask for chilli sauce on my burger, pizza, kebab etc.

It annoys me no end.

Am I alone here?

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Listening to: Pink Floyd - Relics (I just watched the Syd Barrett special on ABC)


At 7:34 am, Blogger sikamikanico said...

Sweet chilli sauce is to real chilli as tomato sauce is to real tomato.

And it tastes like a soft drink flavour Coke decided not to market to me.

I saw that Pink Floyd special too - I'm going to go buy one of the CDs from that era now.

At 4:47 pm, Blogger Clueless said...

Try asking for chilli flakes instead that's what I do or for them to add more chilli to the dish, except sometimes then they get mean and add too much to see your reaction.

At 12:04 am, Blogger Melina said...

i'm with ya kid...i hate the sweet!

At 11:48 am, Blogger Leon Brooks said...

Trident brand Sweet Chilli Sauce seems to be fine. It's fairly solid stuff, looks like pulverised chilli (including whole seeds) but claims to be "Authentic Thai" in a little badge on its face.

It's hot enough that I'm the only family member who'll touch it, here. Ingredients are: sugar, water, pickled red chilli (16%), distilled vinegar, garlic, salt, stabiliser (xanthan gum).

Made by Mannassen Foods from Oz, Hutchinsons from NZ, "Made in Thailand from local and imported ingredients". The glass bottle I'm reading from is 730ml, acquired from an IGA supermarket here in Wanneroo.

A long time ago, I had some Mexican in Subiaco (the restaurant closed some years ago) and ordered the food hot. When it showed up very mundane, I asked for some hot chilli sauce, which they (UWA student working as waitress) brought in a little ceramic bowl. I tasted it, then used my plastic straw to drink it (wasn't so hot). The waitress blanched and shuddered. (-:


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