Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Writer's block is so 90s

I think I've discovered why my posts have become increasingly infrequent of late.

After some self-diagnosis (my sister's nearly a doctor; so that makes me doctor-ish by association), I discovered that I've been suffering from a very rare condition: Irritable vowel syndrome.

Irritable vowel syndrome (IVS) causes one to be greatly annoyed by the letters a, e, i, o & u, and quite indifferent to the letter y. This makes writing a painful and frustrating task.

I was considering writing a post using as few vowels as possible, but the only thing that came to mind was rhythm, and really, what does a white guy know about rhythm?

Anyway, I think I'm nearly over my nasty case of IVS, so normal transmissions are set to resume.

Listening to: Kill Devil Hills - Heathen Songs


At 4:21 pm, Blogger Z├ęzette said...

I felt sure that a writer of such re-noun wouldn't be down long.


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