Sunday, July 09, 2006


The return of the bulleted post:

  • You can buy vanilla essence, why can't you buy bacon essence? Bacon is the best flavour known to man (well - this man anyway), I'm sure I'd find uses for it.
  • How come 'freshly cooked toast' scented insence sticks haven't been invented? Is there a more homely, comforting aroma? I think not. Sandalwood schmandalwood, give me toast!
  • I want a t-shirt that reads: "Warning: May contain traces of nuts".
  • Apparently I did a bit of sleepwalking last night. Witnesses saw me move a bowl and bang on a wooden chest before returning to the couch and a more orthodox method of slumber. I don't think I've ever sleepwalked in the past.
Watching: Wimbledon - Mens final


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