Monday, July 24, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

I lost a few hours on the weekend courtesy of this post from Jessie from 'across the ditch'.

I'm a sucker for anything that involves music and my (admittedly anal) tendencies for lists, categories, comparisons, collections and the like. As a result I've spent the better part of my weekend at

It takes note of what you listen to and makes all sorts of wonderful lists and recommendations, puts you in touch with those of similar tastes etc etc. It's a very smart music thing-a-me-bob. It also makes you listen to more music (which is not a bad thing) and steals hours from your weekend (which is a bad thing).

That said, I did manage to get out on Friday with Kim (who's living back in Perth - Yay!). We went and saw Freya Hanly at Kulcha. I've seen Freya many times, but Friday was very special. She played a set in two halves, the first half backed by a string quartet and the second by an all-acoustic band (guitar, double-bass and bongoes). She trotted out a swag of new material as well as some older stuff that doesn't usually get played at her live shows. It was all awesome.

Among the many highlights for me were Song For Amy (which left Kim a bit weepy and can be heard at her website), Feel This and Stay. Another highlight was seeing Freya's dad bursting with pride as he watched his daughter do her thing.

Freya's hitting the recording studio shortly and I can't wait to hear the results.

**EDIT** - Check out the funky new iPod thingy in my sidebar. It's courtesy of and means I will no longer be doing a "Listening to:" thingy at the end of my posts. Man, I love Go there now and check it out for yourself.

Listening to: Something for Kate - Phantom Limbs


At 8:33 am, Blogger Jessie said...

Muahaha .. another convert ;)

Lists are great.


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