Sunday, September 24, 2006


"Hate me in the morning, right now I just need your couch"

Apparently what I said to my pregnant friend when I woke her up at three o'clock this morning.

It was a big day...


At 10:30 am, Blogger sikamikanico said...

Did she (hate you)?

If yes, then flowers may be in order, and a little note to apologise.

Actually, probably a good idea anyway.

At 8:33 pm, Blogger Melina said...

Blog already!

At 11:40 am, Anonymous Bek said...

Got the diagnosis on Allsaints last night...of course I have to try and then I can call it "study", but this time it wasn't due to my dilligence as a student it was because it was Cotards!
Hope all's well


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